It is said that even before a river falls into the ocean,
it trembles with fear.
It looks back at the whole journey, the peaks of the mountains,
the long winding path through the forests,
through the people, and it sees in front of it such a vast ocean that
entering into it is nothing but disappearing forever.
But there is no other way.
The river cannot go back. No one can go back.
Going back is impossible in existence;
you can only go forward.
The river has to take the risk and go into the ocean.
And only when it enters the ocean will the fear disappear
because only then will the river know that it is not disappearing
into the ocean; rather, it is becoming the ocean.
It is a disappearance from one side and it is a tremendous resurrection on the other side.
So are we. We can only go forward and take risks.
Be brave!! Go on and become an ocean.
(The river and the ocean – Osho)